Friday, August 15, 2008

Simple Architectures - The Book (Discussion)

Simple Architectures For Complex Enterprises is now available. You can order it at Amazon. This book introduces a new way of thinking about Enterprise Architecture. The focus of Enterprise Architecture should not be on efficient use of IT, improving alignment between IT and the business, or any of the other traditional concerns of Enterprise Architecture. Why? Because none of these are the real problem, they are merely symptoms of the problem. The real problem is enterprise complexity. This book discusses the nature of enterprise complexity, why complexity causes so many problems for IT, how complexity can be understood, and, most important, how complexity can be attacked.

Would you like to discuss some of the issues raised in Simple Architectures? This is as good as place as any!

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Masood Faruqui said...

I asked Roger about the choice Architects must make when deciding if an implementation should be global or regional. His pragmatic views on this on my blog. -
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I encourage you to have a look!