Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ObjectWatch Newsletter: Enterprise Architecture in Hard Times

We are facing some very difficult financial times. Can enterprise architecture survive? From the article: EA can survive hard times, even thrive. But first we must make some major changes in how we view EA. No more poorly defined payoffs that are years in the future. The payoffs must be immediate. They must be real. And they must be compelling. What are these necessary changes? Read the article here and find out.


Anonymous said...

Some interesting points in this newsletter, UK not hit as hard as the US yet but it will almost certainly come.
A questin I'd liketo ask you Roger, you talk mostly about your SIP method, where does the software fortress come in your thinking these days. I re-found my copy a few days ago and intend to have a good read through over christmas - is it still worth it ?

Roger Sessions said...

Thanks for your comment. The Software Fortress Methodology is still very relevant. It is the implementation side of SIP. So SIP is about finding the right subsets of functionality. Software Fortresses is about the right strategy for implementing that functionality. I actually have a chapter of the Simple Architectures dedicated to discussing Software Fortresses.
- Roger