Sunday, November 8, 2009

The IT Complexity Crisis: Danger and Opportunity

Roger's new white paper, The IT Complexity Crisis: Danger and Opportunity is now available.

The world economy is losing over six trillion USD per year to IT failures and the problem is getting worse. This 22 page white paper analyzes the scope of the problem, diagnoses the cause of the problem, and describes a cure to the problem. And while the cost of ignoring this problem is frighteningly high, the opportunities that can be realized by addressing this problem are extremely compelling.

The benefits to understanding the causes and cures for out-of-control complexity can have a transformative impact on every sector of our society, from government to private to not-for-profit.

Downloading the White Paper
You can download the white paper, download an accompanying spreadsheet for analyzing architectural complexity, and view various blogs that have discussed this white paper here.

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