Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CxO Executive Round Table on Business Risk and the Cloud in NYC

CxO Round Table on Business Risk and the Cloud in NYC
Robert Youngjohns, President of Microsoft North America
Roger Sessions (Author and Thought Leader)

Note: In return for being the main speaker at this event, Microsoft has offered me ten seats. I am making them available on linked-in, my blog, and to my email list on a first come, first serve basis.

- Roger Sessions

Event Description
Robert Youngjohns will offer Microsoft’s Vision, commitment and investment in the Cloud. Then Roger Sessions will give a vendor neutral roundtable discussion on Business Risk and the Cloud. Sessions’s talk will be followed by an interactive roundtable discussion between you and your peers.

Sessions’s Abstract: The business is greatly impacted by the decisions IT makes on the Cloud. But in most organizations, business has little input in cloud discussions. How can the business be sure that its needs for regulatory compliance, data security, reliability, and ROI are being addressed? A new model must drive the IT/Business collaboration to ensure the Cloud delivers the highest possible value at the lowest possible cost with the least possible risk.

Location: New York City, Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Audience: This talk is directed at those on the business side (that is, CxOs and business leaders) of large (>$1B/year) organizations. In order to optimize participation, the audience is limited to 20.

Note: There is no cost for this event.

8:30 - 9:15AM Registration and Breakfast
9:15 - 10:15AM Microsoft’s Cloud Strategy - Robert Youngjohns, President, Microsoft North America
10:15 - 11:00AM Business Risk and the Cloud - Roger Sessions, Author, Thought Leader
11:00 - 11:45AM Roundtable Discussion: Experiences and Strategies
11:45 - 12:00PM Next Steps and Closing

To register for this event, send an email to v-josyph; at microsoft.com.
As the subject, use:
Managing Risk in the Cloud Roundtable Dec 06-Registration
In the body of the email, include your name, title, company, and the note, “by invitation of Roger Sessions.”

Speaker Bios

Robert Youngjohns is President, Microsoft North America
   Youngjohns oversees a sales force of over 8,500 employees across the continent. He brings more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and strategic business development. Prior to joining Microsoft, Youngjohns served as president and chief executive officer of Callidus Software, Inc., a publicly traded company and leading provider of sales management software based in San Jose, Calif. Before joining Callidus, Youngjohns spent 10 years at Sun Microsystems, where in his last role as executive vice president of Global Sales he was responsible for Sun's worldwide sales organization. He also spent 18 years in various roles at IBM.
   Youngjohns has deep technical knowledge and sales experience across the breadth of products within the Microsoft portfolio. Current market trends of focus are cloud computing and the consumerization of IT. He is committed to helping customers and partners get the most value from their relationship with Microsoft.

Roger Sessions is the CTO of ObjectWatch
   He has written seven books including Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises and many articles. He is a past founding member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Software Architects, Editor-in-Chief of Perspectives of the International Association of Software Architects, and a Microsoft(tm) recognized MVP in Enterprise Architecture. He has given talks in more than 30 countries, 70 cities and 100 conferences on the topic of Enterprise Architecture.
   Sessions is a well respect thought leader in the topics of enterprise architecture, the Cloud, and Complexity/Risk management.

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