Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gartner: Complexity Reduction One of Top Ten Technical Trends

Gartner recently came out with their Top Ten Strategic Technical Trends Through 2015. Gartner states that one of the Top Ten Trends is IT Complexity. IT Complexity, Gartner says, is a major inhibitor “of an enterprise to get the most out of IT money spent.”

I have been writing for the last ten years about the need to reduce complexity and the bottom-line benefits of doing so. Gartner quotes one of my early papers, The Mathematics of IT Simplification. In this paper I introduced a modern, rational understanding of IT Complexity.

Until this white paper appeared, IT Complexity was largely ignored by Enterprise Architects. This is despite the fact that IT Complexity was responsible for numerous IT disasters and was costing the world economy trillions of dollars per year. IT Complexity was still treated in a random, ad hoc manner if it was treated at all.

This White Paper laid a new foundation for the science of IT Complexity. This paper showed how to model IT complexity, how to measure it, and how to manage it using verifiable, reproducible methodologies that are based on solid mathematics.

If we want to take IT Complexity as seriously as Gartner says we should, we need to start by understanding it. This paper is where it all began. Gartner read it. You should too.

You can find the White Paper, The Mathematics of IT Simplification [here].
You can view the Gartner presentation, The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013 [here].
You can view a 20 minute overview of The Snowman Architecture, my answer to IT Complexity, [here]

Photo by Alan in Belfast, via Flickr and Creative Commons.

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